59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress Liberec, Czech Republic 25. 7. – 8. 8. 2015


Its history goes back to the time when trade routes to Germany and Poland led through the area. As traders found crossing Ještědský hřeben too hard, it was necessary to set up a resting place. At that time Liberec used to be an open market village and home to a thriving textile industry and hence nicknamed the "Manchester of Bohemia". The first mention of the town date back to 1352 and since then it has been settled by German and Flemish migrants until their expulsion after World War II. In the first half of the 16th century it gradually changed into a vassal town. Liberec used to be the second biggest town in Bohemia.

Nowadays, Liberec offers many interesting sites. In downtown there are many buildings which are the pride of the town - for example, the townhall built in neo-renaissance style and finished in 1893, a symbol of wealth and the economical as well as cultural development of the town. Behind the town hall, there is the Theatre of František Xaver Šalda dating from 1893. A museum, chamber of commerce and a building society originating from 1901-02, with their grandeur and clarity of style, form the jewels in the crown of the historical part of the town. The rarest gem is the villa quarter from the turn of the 20th century which attests to the wealth of Liberec by its uniqueness at that time. For many Czechs, Liberec is mostly associated with the city's dominant Ještěd Tower. It is also an ideal place for walks or hiking tours in its environs or in the Jizerské hory.

Popular tourist attractions in Liberec

Ještěd - TV transmitter

The unique structure on the top of Mount Ještěd is considered the dominating feature of Liberec and the region. The present TV transmitter was built during the 1966 - 73 period according to a project designed by arch. Karel Hubáček. The structure was later awarded the prestigious Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects (UIA) - The Ještěd won the "Building of the 20th century" title. The height of the transmitter is 93m. There is a cable car to the top of Mount Ještěd. The covered gallery on the ground floor is open to the public. Other spectacular views of the area are offered from the restaurant or the café on the first floor. You can oversee much of Bohemia and parts of Poland and Germany. The higher floors are used by the hotel.

The ZOO Liberec

The ZOO Liberec is the oldest oldest in the former Czechoslovakia. It was founded in 1919. It was used in part as the winter quarters for circus animals. Long after WWII, an essential modernization of the garden started. It specialises in breeding rare species of animals which are endangered in the wild. You will find 150 species of animal here from all over the world. The zoo is known for a rarity - white tigers. It is very interesting to watch elephants exercising, seal feeding and training or feeding of other animals, penguins, white tigers and lions, wolves, etc. The zoo is easily reachable by the city trams no.2 and no.3 (line to Lidové sady), exit stop Botanická - ZOO. It is about 10-15 minutes away from Babylon centre.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Liberec is the oldest in the Czech Republic and is now over 115 years old and it cares for the richest collections of exotic plants in the Czech Republic. It comprises nine glasshouses for visitors with a total area of 3000 square metres and 13 exhibition themes that offer carnivorous plants, orchids, camellias, ferns, Australian flora, cacti growing upside down, a pavilion with aquariums and vivariums, and many other rare plants.. The access to the garden complex is through a glass tunnel that is built through a large aquarium: visitors may enjoy an unusual view of the fish swimming above their heads. The botanical garden is easily reachable by the city trams no.2 and no.3 (line to Lidové sady), exit stop Botanická - ZOO. It is about 10-15 minutes away from Babylon centre.

Town Hall

The Neo-Renaissance-style building of Liberec Town Hall was built in 1893 according to a design by F. Neumann, a Viennese architect. It is well-known for its similarity to Vienna Town Hall.


The DinoPark in Liberec is an excellent place for a trip. It is located on three floors of the Plaza Shopping Centre in the centre of the city where visitors can experience 6,000 m2 of the Mesozoic period. You will come face to face with a lazy 16 metre long Diplodocus, predatory Deinonychuses and the majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are a total of seven dinosaur models, many of them animatronic, which have been placed in an imitation of the Mesozoic landscape. The DinoTrek, a trail through a primeval forest with laser rays, a paleontological playground with the hidden bones of a dinosaur, a time tunnel, a 4D cinema with a film of a Triceratops and many other attractions, has been prepared for adventurous children.

Photos of Liberec and surroundings

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Sunday, August 9

The fastest player of EGC was Kim Young Sam (7-dan, South Korea).

Saturday, August 8

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Saturday, August 8

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